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Monterey Road Elementary School is now a

"California Distinguished School"  


On May 1, 2014, Tom Torlakson (California State Superintendent of Education), announced that Monterey Road Elementary is now officially a California Distinguished School.


Of the 44 elementary schools in this county, only three were recognized as Distinguished.  There are 5,768 elementary schools in our state, serving over three million children, and only 434 were recognized with this award.


So now the rest of the state knows what we know:  Monterey Road Elementary School is pretty special.  That means that our staff is special, our kids are special, our facility is way beyond special, and our families are the best.


Congratulations to all who help make our school distinguished!  



Typing Program


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Monterey Road Elementary School would like to make you aware of an opportunity that is available for your child:  typing.


The school district has purchased a learning-to-type program that is available to all of the students.  It's an Internet-based program that the upper grades are using on the iPads in class.  The kids think it's fun and the teachers use it as just another productive activity to use along with their educational programs. 


So why typing?  The School Site Council studied the issue last fall and all agreed that typing is important and will be useful as a 21st Century skill.  The new SBAC test (the new achievement test for the Common Core Standards) will require the students to type their answers to many of the questions.  Typing is becoming more important as technology is a large part of society these days and will be useful skill to have for future years to come. 


The program is called Typing Agent.


You can also find it on the District website under "For Parents and Students".  Your child's teacher might have already set-up an account for your child.  You may ask your child or teacher for their account information.  Or try to access your child's account online by doing the following:

- type the first and middle initials

- type the last name

- followed by the year your child graduates HS


For example:  John Richard Smith, who graduated in 1995 would use jrsmith95 as the user name.  The password would be the permanent student ID number, which is printed on the report card (or any previous report card).

Since this program is designed to help children learn to type at their individual level of ability (from beginner - expert), your child can access it at any age or grade level and learn as much as he or she wants to.  It will be a good program for your family to use and hopefully it will help your child become a highly-skilled typist.  :)



Volunteering at School

Just a reminder, that one of the great ways to impact our school is to volunteer in your child’s classroom. The school district requires all volunteers to be TB tested and Megan’s Law cleared. If you have not done so, stop by the office today and start the process.


If you would like to volunteer as a chaperone on field trips, you must be fingerprinted.  For information regarding Live Scan please contact the school office at (805) 462-4270. All fingerprinting must be done through the County Office of Education.  


For more information about volunteering in the Atascadero Unified School District: CLICK HERE


Oral Health Assessment

California Law now requires that your child have an oral health assessment (dental check-up) by May 31 of their first year in public school.  Assessments that have happened within the 12 months before your child enters school also meet this requirement.  You may pick up the Oral Health Assessment/Waiver Request form in our office. If you cannot take your child for this required assessment, please indicate the reason for this in Section 3 of the form. 
To protect the health of children, California law requires a health examination upon entry into 1st grade.  Examinations done within 18 months of entry into 1st
 grade also meet this requirement.  You may pick up the CHDP form in our office or get it from the above website.  
If you have any questions regarding the notices above, please feel free to contact Diane Keohen @ 462-4270.


AUSD Board Meetings


The 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 6:30 PM.  Great place to find out what is currently happening and any new developments in the district.  

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